NORMAN RACING GROUP
                         1221 Fourth Street
                        Berkeley, CA  94710

     Mechanical Parts Restoration Services

   Jon Norman, Dennis Etcheverry and Dan Marvin

TIG Welding - Aluminum/ Magnesium

Aluminum / Magnesium Casting Repair

Cylinder Head Repair

Cylinder Head Modifcations/ Porting for Alfa, Ferrari, Lotus, etc.

Alfa Romeo Engine Rebuilding

Monocoque /Tubular Structures

Suspension / Chassis Repair / Mods

Exhaust Header Fabrication

Offering Alfa Romeo Parts for over twenty five years !

NRG Services

Aluminum / Magnesium casting repair                   Cylinder head repair
Cylinder head modifications / porting                    Alfa Romeo Engine Building
Monocoque / tubular structures                            Suspension / chassis repair / mods
Exhaust header fabrication                                   And much more.......

                                      Parts Restoration Services

The Norman Racing Group has a large fully equipped auto and motorcycle parts restoration and machine shop facility that handles projects from engine rebuilds, repairing metal castings, to developing sophisticated custom parts.

Much of the experience comes from the team having years of hands on experience in building and maintaining professional and amateur race cars.

                      Vintage Race Cars

The Norman Racing Group is very active in Historic and Vintage Car Racing.

It campaigns two highly successful vintage race cars at the moment :
1. 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV Trans Am

2. 1976 March 76B formerly campaigned by Gilles Villeneuve.

Read about these exciting cars and the driver history in the articles below.

Norman Racing Group