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The Glenora Wine Cellars US Vintage Grand Prix had over 400 weekend entrants, all looking forward to racing around the challenging 3.4 mile road of the largest vintage racing events in the country.

In addition to the great racing, there was a special celebration for the career of Elliot Forbes-Robinson.

There were well over 40 Alfa Romeo cars attending the weekend, the oldest dating back to 1932. They all had the honor of driving two parade laps around the old legendary road course of Watkins Glen....really fun.

Jon entered his 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV Trans Am this weekend into two events - a featured all Alfa race... and the regular
 vintage car race event.......with some excellent racing going on, Jon at the end of both races came home with a winning position. He won both events showing that both he and his forty year old GTV still have what it takes to win ! 

► September 10-12, 2010 - US Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen
► 2010 was the 100 Year Alfa Romeo Celebration ! 

Alfa Romeo was the featured marque at many of the vintage race car events throughout the US in 2010.

The Northern California CSRG organization had Alfa Romeo as it's marque at race events in California, Oregon and Seattle.
Watkins Glen (see below) also had Alfa as it's marque at the September Vintage Grand Prix event.

Jon Norman under the Norman Racing Group entered the featured "all Alfa races" at Infineon Raceway, Portland International Raceway, Seattle International Raceway and at Watkins Glen International Raceway. They were all fun and exciting races,
well organized while giving tribute to the great Alfa race cars. To top it off, Jon earned his way to the #1 podium position at all 
four Alfa only events ! 

Alfa Romeo - Two Parade Laps Around the old Watkins Glen Track !

Alfa Romeo Featured Race Event

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